Marketplace Mission Trip Day 2 – Appreciate Others

Appreciate Others

Appreciate others…it sounds so simple. How many times do we let the little moments, the chances to show our appreciation to others, to slip by us? Mike explains in today’s video why we should take every opportunity to appreciate those around us and why it is our duty as a follower of Jesus to do so.

Join Us

We would love for you to join us over in our Community. It is a place where you can be encouraged, share ideas, and receive prayer. Also, sign up for the next Marketplace Mission Trip, too!

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As Marketplace Missionaries there are five daily activities we should be doing. In this video, Mike tells us about three prayers we need to pray daily. First, we need to pray to check-in and tell God, “Here I am”, each morning. Prayer number two, pray for blessings for everyone you will deal with today, co-workers, vendors, customers, and even that barista who just made your latte. And the third prayer is to pray for a spirit of thankfulness and to give God thanks for everything that has and will happen during your mission trip.