Measuring our Truth with Elizabeth Urbanowicz, #76

Measuring our Truth

Measuring our Truth with Elizabeth Urbanowicz, #76 | Follower of One

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Elizabeth Urbanowicz. Elizabeth is the founder of Foundation Worldview, LLC. Foundation Worldview provides research-based Christian Apologetics curriculums for kids and provides pivotal analytical skills at the same time. Please welcome her to the community! 

Episode Breakdown

  • 1:10 – Meet Elizabeth & Apologetics
  • 2:55 – Foundation Worldview Growth
  • 7:10 – Foundation Worldview Curriculum
  • 9:05 – Customer Stories & The Truth Matters 
  • 12:40 – Measuring What We Know Through Scripture
  • 15:10 – Connect with Elizabeth

Faith is The Only Truth

How do you know something is true? Mike and Elizabeth discuss what truth is as it pertains to faith and children. There are some really interesting results when you ask children questions about truth (I’ll leave that for your listening pleasure in the episode). Per our faith, the only truth is the scripture. Culturally we have been told that the truth is relative. This is a lie that is being told. In our Christian faith, truth is constant across everything we have in this world. Use scripture to support yourself! 

Measuring Our Knowledge

We just outlined how truth is not relative and constant in our faith. What do you point so that you understand what the truth is? Scripture plays an important role here. Elizabeth discusses why her Worldview Curriculum is so important to the development of children’s analytical skills. You need a basis to compare what you hear around you and be able to understand where it is coming from. We measure this using our faith (scripture) and take into account world views at the same time. This is such an important process that even adults need to use this moving forward. If we can’t tell what the truth is through our faith, then we can’t address the breadth of our knowledge. 

“The truth is different for different people, and this highlights the cultural lie that our children have bought into.”

Connect with Elizabeth 

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