Notice and Listen – Marketplace Mission Day 4

God Space by Doug Pollock | Follower of OneHow well do you notice and listen to others? Today, let’s pay special attention to others and listen to them. Reading Chapter 5 of God Space by Doug Pollock, I was convicted by my score on the listening assessment on page 57. Imagine 16 questions like, “I find myself finishing their sentences” or “I mentally rehearse what I’m going to say next.” For each question, you can answer, rarely, occasionally, often or usually. If you get more than 3 “often” or more than 8 “occasionally”, consider yourself a poor listener.

What can we do to listen better? We list some ideas on today’s devotional for the Marketplace Mission Trip. Check it out over in the Follower of One community. We’re praying you will notice and listen your way into spiritual conversations with your coworkers, customers and community. And if you have time, dial in at 8 PM ET tonight and let us know how your day went. Call-in info is in the Marketplace Mission Trip post.

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