Ongoing Sacrifice of Thanks – Hebrews 13:15

Ongoing Sacrifice of Thanks

Jesus suffered and died for us. God has been working everything for our good for all of time. The author of Hebrews sums up our response by saying that because of the sacrifice that was made for us, we can also make a sacrifice, too. He lists 4 sacrifices here. Today we’ll focus on thankfulness.

Our thanks to God begins with simple thanks. The author defines that thanks as a praise to God. We praise him because we are grateful for what he has done. This thanks should be continual. God has worked continuously since the beginning of creation for us. We should respond with continual thanks.

But I’m convicted by how easy I react in anger or disappointment to circumstances or outcomes that don’t match my hopes or expectations. What about you? Do you offer up a continual sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. Can you say thanks to him for everything, even the bad things? Our thankfulness at work is one of the ways Jesus becomes visible. When we react differently to circumstances because of who we follow, Jesus becomes visible. As a result, people will ask.

Speaking of being thankful, thank you for your marketplace ministry. Thank you for making Jesus visible at work. Your time at work matters. Instead of trying to stay out of trouble until Sunday, use your work-time to serve others for eternity. Help everyone you meet move one notch closer to God today.

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