Pursue God’s Vision for Your Life

Our character affects our vision. What is your vision for your life and your future?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

Jesus tells us to be pure in heart to see God. God is my ideal future. When we imagine a good, almighty God who wants to bless us for eternity, we begin to see what God sees. Our best vision, our best future, cannot exceed the one created by God. We can’t visualize a better future for ourselves than God has already defined for us. We simply need to walk into that future.

But what does it mean have a pure heart? And how does that affect my vision. Everything I do today can be done for myself or for God. Done for myself, I lose a day I could have pursued God’s best for me and the people around me. His vision for us is that we serve him. But God is not asking us to bring him coffee or make things easier for himself. We weren’t created to serve God so he could be selfish. God created us to serve because serving God makes us right. Serving God launches us to our best future. A pure heart serves God 100% in everything we do.

We serve God by trusting Him and serving others. God has chosen to bless the world through his Son and his people. I think of the work of God as “ministry.” When we engage in ministry where we are, we join Him in His work. We were each created and saved to take part in his ministry full-time.

One way to minister today is to see everyone we meet as pre-great. God does. (I got that idea from Erwin McManus.) God hand-crafted each of us and he actively works to restore our relationship with him forever. God is ministering in the life of each person we will meet today. He has a job for you. Will you see it? Will you see God in the people around you as God does? And will you answer God’s call to join him?

Special thanks to My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers on 3/26 that inspired this post.

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