Plan To Avoid Practical Atheism Part 1

Would you like your life to matter for eternity? I have written before about the sacred vs. secular divide. God never intended for any of us to live apart from him. He created us and he would like us to spend our days, all of them before and after we pass away, with him. He has work for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

But many of us get side tracked.

The word “secular” means “of or relating to the worldly or temporal” according to Webster. When I decided to follow Jesus, I didn’t want to live two lives; at least not when I was sane. I wanted my life to matter for eternity. There were some habits that were harder to quit than others. Sometimes I simply chose to do things that God would not want. Unfortunately, I still choose to ignore promptings from God or I choose to do things he would prefer I didn’t. You’ve probably never chosen an action contrary to God’s will for you. But I had trouble. It only takes some sweets to remind me how quickly I can choose a path without God.

But at work I experienced another challenge. I could get involved at work and not think about God for hours – sometimes days. I became a practical atheist. I lived like God didn’t exist but without actively choosing to disobey, or ignore him. Even today, after 30 years following Jesus, aware of my own weaknesses, I can still venture off into my own world without keeping God present.

Living apart from God was never part of His plan. Adam and Eve initiated that state, but we each would have done the same thing. Jesus came and suffered and died so we could live and walk with him again. When we decide to follow Jesus, we begin to train ourselves, more accurately let God train us, to live our life with him.

We need a plan. We need to take action to begin to train ourselves daily. Our natural state is deterioration, decay. Moth and rust destroy. Every default is atrophy. How can we put ourselves in a position to grow? How can we resist the temptation to live as a practical atheist?

I’m asking. In the coming days, I’ll share more thoughts. But what would you say? Go ahead and comment below with any suggestions you would have that we can include.

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

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