Responsible Godly Courage – Philemon 1:10

Responsible Godly Courage

Paul writes this personal letter to Philemon to ask him to forgive and restore Onesimus. Apparently Onesimus has become a Christian, but in the past, he offended Philemon. It is thought that he was a financial slave. He probably owed Philemon money and had agreed to become a slave to pay it off, but then he took off.

We can picture ourselves as Onesimus, who had to screw up his courage to take this letter back to Philemon. It appears he was part of the group of people who carried both this letter, Colossians, and even possibly Ephesians. Paul challenges Onesimus to go face the music, and possibly the consequences. But is God bigger than the consequences?

We can also be Philemon. Maybe we need to forgive someone. Can any wrong done to us exceed God’s ability to make it right? Where do we need to ask for forgiveness, like Onesimus? Or who do we need to forgive? Ask God to show you today. If God doesn’t bring something to mind, be thankful, but continue to have the courage to ask. When we trust Jesus, we build stronger relationships that make him visible.

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