Where the River Runs – John 7:38

Where the River Runs

Where does the river flow? Notice in this passage it flows FROM those who follow Jesus. We’re called to Serve Others. That’s our 4th daily activity. As we pray for the people in our sphere of influence and as we appreciate them, God begins to direct our flow. It comes out of us, our life, our innermost being. Service to others becomes who we are.

And our service makes Jesus visible. When we give away chunks of our life, our time or our money, above and beyond what might be expected of a coworker, vendor or a customer, people notice. Everyone has radar for self-seeking. Sometimes we are accused of doing things to earn badges or to get rich. But over time, as you serve others with no ulterior motive, they will notice, and they will ask.

Trust Jesus today. Ask him to make the river of living water flow out of you. It won’t be flowing toward you. It will be flowing toward those around you. Those you’re near, your family, and those you work with. Let God use you nourish those around you.

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