Sacrifice of Praise – Hebrews 13:15

Sacrifice of Praise

Sacrifice of Praise - Hebrews 13:15 | Follower of One

Through Jesus, let us give a sacrifice of praise. Notice how when we give God thanks, we praise him. As I said yesterday, we acknowledge he is our source, our provider, the giver of everything. Our thanks sets up as praise. We recognize our rightful place.

Can you praise God when the not-so-good things happen? Notice there is no mention of our circumstances here. Are you looking forward to 2 days off of work? Do you even like your job? Can we praise God for things we don’t like?

That’s my exercise today. Let’s thank God for things we dislike. Think about something you dislike about your job and then thank God for it. Think of something you dislike about your career, or your background. Think about something you dislike about where you live or how government behaves. Now ask God to give you a spirit of thanksgiving. When we thank God for the negative, we don’t resign. We recognize he is in control. He can do whatever he wants. And I want the joy and peace that come from thanking him and trusting him.

Today, thank God. He will reward your sacrifice.

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