Thankful for Steadfast Love – Psalms 107

Thankful for Steadfast Love

Thankful for Steadfast Love - Psalms 107 | Follower of One

God’s love endures and therefore he deserves our gratitude. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Do you appreciate the love of God? His love endures. The author of this psalm mentions it 5 times. It’s like the chorus. I hope it sticks in our minds like a jingle.

Different translations use different adjectives to describe God’s love. Some say steadfast love or mercy or loving kindness. But the translations agree more on the phrase “everlasting”, or “endures forever”. God’s love never fails. Which means our thanksgiving should be continuous forever. Our gratitude is a response to God’s love and it is also one way the world sees him. God’s love transforms us. Our transformed life makes him visible.

So, let’s be thankful today and this week – not by overeating – but by discipline. Do something that lines us up with God. If today’s not a work day, pray for your coworkers and your boss or bosses today. Ask God to bless them. Ask God to use you in their life. Ask God to show you how to make him visible and then plan to act. As quickly as you can, act on whatever idea God provides.

When our faith in Jesus causes us to act, and we experience God’s joy, our friends are either encouraged or confused. They’re encouraged if they also follow Jesus. And they’re confused if they don’t. Ask God to use your life to make him visible. You’ll experience joy as you follow Jesus and your joy is contagious.

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