Why Give Thanks? – Psalm 145:10

Why Give Thanks?

Why Give Thanks - Psalm 145:10 | Follower of One

Everything God created will thank him. His faithful people will praise him. Why do we give thanks? The moment we thank someone else for something, we acknowledge that even if we could have done the same thing for ourselves, we didn’t. We received it from someone else. They chose to give and we received.

When we thank God, we acknowledge our rightful place in the world. I don’t think any of us can fully evaluate the gap between what we’re capable of and what God does. Everything we have is from him. If he didn’t create this planet, we’re dead. He’s the One who gave us oxygen, water, life, strength, brains. Everything we know was first his idea. Everything we do is done using his resources. Our life and our time exist by his power.

When we respond with thanks to even the seemingly negative things that happen, we’re telling the world we trust God. Let’s live like we appreciate God as much as possible, every day. That action will help others see him, and it won’t come close to evening the score, either.

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