Understanding and Discernment with Mark Deterding, #58

Understanding and Discernment

Understanding and Discernment with Mark Deterding, #58 | Follower of One

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike talks with Mark Deterding. Mark is a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach and is currently the President and CEO of Triune Leadership Services. Triune helps executives gain soul-deep satisfaction in how they lead through faith-based servant leadership. Please welcome him to the Community!

Episode Breakdown

  • 1:00 – Meet Mark Deterding
  • 2:25 – Mark Explains Triune Leadership Services 
  • 5:35 – How Mark Found God
  • 7:10 – Mark’s Faith at Work
  • 12:55 – Mark’s Book: Leading Jesus’ Way
  • 19:30 – Character Matters
  • 21:50 – The Unity Foundation 
  • 26:40 – Connect with Mark
  • 28:25 – The journey we are on

You Have A Purpose

God has already created you with a purpose for your life! Great news! Finding your purpose is much more difficult, though. Many of us have found our purpose and those are genuinely happy with their life. Are you missing something? Not genuinely happy or satisfied with the way you interact with the world? Look no further than Mark’s book “Leading Jesus’ Way”. Mark provides practical experience and knowledge to generate a road map for your purpose and how you can generate a way to extend your faith through work and become a better you. No matter your age, there is time to find purpose in your life in all aspects, work, family and even recreation. Don’t give up, focus on Jesus and you will find the path for you! Please go pick up a copy of Mark’s book. It will help! 

Building Relationships

This is typically one of the most talked-about things in any business relationship. Why do they matter? How can we build them? It certainly isn’t easy but the one thing we all know for sure is that it is the single most integral part of achieving success in your life. It isn’t just about work. Friendships, sports, your walk with Jesus, business- relationships matter in all aspects of life. What have you done recently to foster greater relationships within your center of influence? Do you have a center of Influence? Who you choose to be around you shows you who you are. If you are aspiring for more, look for people who are doing more! 

” People don’t create their purpose. The Lord has created you with purpose, values, and strengths already. It is a discernment process.” 

Connect with Mark

Connect With Follower Of One

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  1. For me, Mike Henry Sr., two key characteristics are melded into one: Speaking Truth in Love. Leading like Jesus means loving those we lead (enough to meet them where they are), then speaking truth to them in ways that help them discover and develop their full potential. Mark Deterding is a gifted Servant Leader who generously shares his God-given wisdom. Looking forward to hearing this podcast!

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