Poverty for Riches – 2 Corinthians 8:9

Poverty for Riches

Poverty for Riches - 2 Corinthians 8:9 | Follower of One

Paul urged the Corinthian believers to give for over a year to help the Christ-followers in Jerusalem. Most of this chapter is about their preparation. Paul doesn’t want them to forget their commitment. They’ve been saving for quite a while. Or he hoped they had. He didn’t want the time to come, and rather than a year of savings, the Corinthians only had a week or two worth of savings put back.

Important things are seldom urgent. If we focus on the urgent, we blow it on the important. Paul reminds them to follow through. This verse is a linchpin in his reminder. Jesus became poor for us.

Giving is important. Are you strategic with your giving? I confess to be less strategic than I’d like to be. Where do you need to prepare more? Jesus became poor for us, so we might become rich. What are we willing to do, over time, as a response? He invested his entire life for us. What part of ours can we give up?

Your investment determines your trajectory, and your destiny. Let’s be strategic givers. Plan to pray for others. Ask God to make giving front of mind. Find a way to go beyond what is expected of you so you can help others move one notch closer to Jesus.

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