The Measure We Use – Luke 6:38

The Measure We Use

The Measure We Use - Luke 6:38 | Follower of One

Jesus spoke about giving quite a bit. In this passage, Jesus uses some extreme terms to describe the reward we receive when we give. If we hoard, we are not rewarded. But if we give, we can expect the return. We can expect rewards in reward for being a rewarder.

If we give, we can expect to be given to. Can we give according to what we believe about Jesus, or do we only give based on our own ability and our own reserves? How can we spend our energy and our gifts and our resources? What can we give? Does everything have to be money? What about time? What about knowledge?

Does God challenge you? If not, you may not be listening. I believe God calls us out beyond what’s comfortable. Can you get uncomfortable with your giving?

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