Share A Story

As a community of leaders who follow Jesus, sometimes it’s easier to talk about following Jesus than it is to just tell others what he has done for us. We want to promote our Savior in a way that others may also want to move one notch closer to him. So we added a service to help people share their story.

Complete the following sections and our editors will review as quickly as possible. They may possibly suggest some changes, and help you get your story in a format that can be easily shared. If you’ll let us, we’ll post your story here on our blog. Or you can share it in our Community.


  1. Focus on the situation, action and outcome. Talk primarily about your thoughts and actions and the things you believe God did.
  2. Stick to the facts. In the end, others will need to make their own judgements.
  3. Put yourself in the place of any other people in your story. Would they appreciate what you said or that you even said it?
  4. Be positive. This will be public content.
  5. Since you’re using Follower of One resources, please try to line up with our Statement of Faith. We’ve kept them very narrow so there is room for different points of view. But we are an organization that has following Jesus of the Bible as its center and its purpose.


  1. Please don’t use real names. We will identify you as the person who provided the story. But please don’t name your employer, or the people you’re interacting with. We reserve the right to change the names of every person, business, or organization in the stories before we publish them.
  2. Don’t get upset if we edit. We will try to remove as many words as possible and still keep the meaning. If we change it significantly, we will resend it to you for your approval.
  3. Don’t tell others what to do. Stay in the first person (I, me). Please allow the Holy Spirit to use your story as He sees fit.

We reserve the right to decline use of a portion or all of your submission. We will notify you if and why we choose to decline. Please make sure and complete all the required fields.


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