Thankful In 2018

I’m grateful to God for a wonderful 2018. Many great things and some not-so-great things happened. I have much upon which to reflect and be thankful.

To my friends

Thank you for reading this post, your awareness of this ministry, and our friendship. I’m grateful for your attention and your prayers. Thank you for anything you do to grow your faith and serve others in the name of Jesus. Thanks for your contributions to Follower of One. Thank you for the grace and service you gave to your coworkers, family, friends and community. Thanks for earning a living, creating something that served someone, or was consumed by someone. Thank you for being a productive member of your community and our society. Your actions create a small piece of the world and the common grace we all enjoy. Your work made the world I live in, so thank you.

As you read this, know I prayed for you. May you flourish. I hope you have a wonderful 2019. May you count more minutes living in front of God, walking with Jesus, empowered by his Holy Spirit. I hope you experience your eternal life right now and give a piece of it away to the people around you. May your family prosper and enjoy God’s favor in 2019.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to follow Jesus. I enjoy the opportunities he has given me to mobilize and encourage others to follow him while I earn a living. I hope you spend 2019 doing that which is best for you and your family, too.

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