Whatever You Do

When you follow Jesus, whatever you do becomes a reflection. Other people see your actions and judge you, your fellow believers and Jesus by your actions.

Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 NASB

When you see the word “whatever” in Scripture, does your brain go on alert? I hope to always notice words like “whatever” in Scripture.

“Whatever” is a big word. And it’s harder than we want to think. How often do you respond to someone with the term. Do you consider the scope?

I complain. You probably don’t have this problem, but I whine about results and obstacles that stand in the way of my plans. Anything not according to my plan is a reason to complain. I want God to make the world operate so that I always get what I want and I never have to experience disappointment or difficulty. When God tells me to do “whatever” to the glory of God, I can’t honestly say that I go very long at all without failing.

Doing Hero Work

But I also want to be a hero to someone. We look up to heroes. Heroes demonstrate the character and the attitude we admire. We all want to be heroes, but we seldom want to do the work. Are we only called to do the special, enjoyable things that align with our passions? What about work we might consider to be beneath us? What about work we’ve done so often and so routinely that we can do it in our sleep?

Heroes often have to do the grunt work. Even Superman has to take out his own trash. To be a great basketball player, we have to practice. To be a great writer, we must write. Often we must do our job poorly until we master it. Heroic opportunities don’t often come along. But opportunities to act like a hero happen all the time. The Good Samaritan was a hero. People who donate kidneys simply because they can are heroes. People who serve our country, and who serve their community, are heroes.

Be A Hero In Whatever You Do, Daily

When we love someone who can’t love us back; when we do something for someone who can’t repay it; or when we give away something just for another person without anyone ever knowing, we perform heroically. A hero is someone who embraces the mundane, difficult, messy with the same passion as they do the work they love. A hero serves and even washes feet.

How is God asking you to be a hero today? Every day in our jobs, God presents us with opportunities to serve him by serving others. How will you react? What is God telling you to do? Where is he reminding you to go back and make a difference by doing whatever.

What is “whatever” to you? Will you do whatever so that God might become more visible?

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Photo by Dan Bøțan on Unsplash

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