Weary and Burdened- Matthew 11:28-30

Weary and Burdened

Our times are weary and burdened or heavy-laden. After 3 months of Coronavirus and weeks on years of racial tensions, I can understand if you feel weary and burdened. Yesterday a friend and I said we felt like we were moving in slow motion. It’s like driving through a fog. You can’t see so you don’t go very fast. You won’t have time to react. We hesitate to plan ahead, to hire people. Everything about the future seems more uncertain.

Jesus knew this would happen. That’s why he gave us this passage. In other places, Jesus says we should follow him. Often that is literally “come after” me. But here, his offer is for us to come to him. Let’s take our weariness and burdens to him. We take his yoke when we join him, and do what he says, one step at a time. Today, pray for someone outside your family. Reach out to an old friend. Do one thing more than yesterday to serve others. Coming to Jesus and doing what he says is the answer to our present situation. And we know it.

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