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Summary – What Is Follower of One

What is Follower of One? Mike started Follower of One because he wanted his faith to matter at work. Going back to when he first became a Christian, Mike struggled with how to integrate his faith and work. This ministry and many of the ideas we share are based on the things Mike wished he had years ago.

Follower of One is an online community designed to equip believers to integrate their faith and work.


Leah: Hi everyone. It’s Leah with Follower of One. Have you ever felt called to more? Well, today we’re going to hear from Mike Henry, the founder of Follower of One to hear why he started this amazing ministry.

Mike: Hi, I’m Mike Henry. What is Follower of One and why did we start this ministry?

How It Began

Follower of One began a long time ago when I first became a Christian because I was frustrated at work and I was frustrated at home and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I decided to check out church and get more involved in a church. In doing that, they had a person come to town who taught a seminar on how you can teach someone how they can know for a fact they’re going to heaven using a pocket Bible. So I went to that workshop thinking that I needed to understand that too, and that’s where I first realized that what I thought was Christianity wasn’t Christianity. I was trying to be the third to the last guy into heaven.

He’s Paid the Price

But what really is Christianity, is this idea that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and he’s paid the price for my salvation. There’s no third to last or a line that you get in to get into heaven. Christ paid it all.

I Begged God

That was on a Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, I had this great experience with my friends at church, but then I had to go back to work the next day. So Sunday afternoon I started getting this pit in my stomach and I started begging God to put me into ministry, to let me do Christian work. I tried several times over the years, just the first few months even of trying to figure out how I could go into a ministry. I begged God to get me out of that workplace.

One day I realized that our overnight delivery driver was a Christian because he was praying for one of my coworkers. So we started sharing prayer requests and I remember thinking a few years later, I believe Jesus was telling me, “Mike, I’ll get you what you need. I’ll send you other Christians. I’ll send you the help that you need, but I want you to stay in the workplace. I’m not trying to get you out of your job. I want you to be a Christian in your job.”

I Realized

That’s when I realized that ministry takes place wherever I am if I’m serving Christ. So God didn’t save me to take me out of the workplace. He saved me to leave me in it. He wanted me to make a difference in the lives of the people that I was around every day.

So I started asking God, “Well, what can I do today? What things were available to me?” So I came up with five things that I think we can all do every day regardless of our job, that put us on mission with Jesus and make us a full-time minister in our jobs.

Those five things are:

  • pray for other people.
  • appreciate people.
  • know what we believe.
  • serve others.
  • speak for ourselves.

On Mission with Christ

I’ll talk more about those in other videos. But my goal is to help us all have this clear plan where we know that we’re doing those five things daily in our regular jobs, we’re on mission with Christ. I don’t know that I’ve ever done it perfectly, but it gives new life to my career knowing that when I go to work, there’s a job for me to do and my life counts for eternity because I’m investing in the lives of my coworkers.

Hey, check out our Follower of One website at followerofone.org where you can catch more videos, join our community and go on your own marketplace mission trip.

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