Who Is Follower of One For?

Who is Follower of One For?

Just who is Follower of One for? People often wonder, “Is it for me? I’m not really a leader of any kind.”, and the answer is, yes. Yes, it is for you. Follower of One is for marketplace Christians who want to be obedient to Christ and live out their faith every day.

Video Transcript:

Leah : So just who is Follower of One for? My name is Leah and today Mike is going to answer that question for you and I think you might be surprised. Check it out.

Leadership is Influence

Mike: Hi, this is Mike Henry with Follower of One. People ask me, “who is Follower of One for? I’m not really a leader, am I?” We say that Follower of One is for leaders who follow Jesus. And a lot of people think that that disqualifies them because they’re not a leader, but leadership is influence. John Maxwell says leadership is influence, plain and simple, and Jesus’s model sets us all up to be people who influence others.

As You Are Going

In Acts 1:8 Jesus says, you will be my witnesses. I don’t think that’s a command as much as it is a statement of fact. What we do will be seen by the people around us and when we live like we’re following Jesus, we become leaders because we influence people through our actions. In Matthew 28, you’ve heard of the great commission, Jesus begins the great commission with the phrase go therefore and make disciples. That word translated Go can also mean as you go or as you’re going. It means everywhere that we go, our action should be making disciples.

What We Do

What we do influences other people to make disciples. Sometimes we hear the word leader as being one group of proactive type “A” people and followers are all the rest of the “normal people”. Well, I want to propose a different idea and that is that a leader is what we all are because of what Jesus has asked us to do. And there’s only one that we’re supposed to be following and that’s Him.

Take Part in the Calling

When we follow Jesus, our life comes together. It fits, and it makes a difference in the lives of the people around us. That’s what we want to do through this community. We want to encourage one another to live a life where we follow Jesus and influence our environment. We influenced the friends that were around. We make disciples and we experience the joy of walking with Jesus full time. Join us in Follower of One and take part in this calling that God has on all of our lives.

Join Us

Hey, check out our website at FollowerOfOne.Org, where you can catch more videos, join our community, and go on your own Marketplace Mission Trip.

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