What Is A Marketplace Mission Trip?

What is a Marketplace Mission Trip?

What is a Marketplace Mission Trip? I’m sure you’ve heard about people going on a mission trip before. But, when you think of going on a mission trip I’m sure you think of things like having to pack, taking off work, getting a passport, and then having to get on a plane and flying to some far off country? What if this isn’t in the cards for you or at least right now isn’t the best time for you to leave your family or take off work… don’t you think Jesus still wants you to share Him with others?

The Answer is Yes

The answer is yes! Yes, Jesus still wants you to share Him with others. What if Jesus put you in your job for a reason? What if you are supposed to take a Mission Trip to your Marketplace?


Leah: Hey everyone, it’s Leah with Follower of One. And I’m so excited because today Mike is going to show us exactly what a marketplace mission trip is and how you can join us

Mike: Hi, this is Mike Henry with Follower of One. What is a marketplace mission trip? People ask me that a lot because you see it on our homepage, and you think about what a mission trip is, right? Most mission trips are short-term efforts where people go to some cross-cultural location either across town or across nations and visit other people and serve people in that community for the purpose of being able to tell them more about Jesus Christ.

What Can I Do

Years ago I was having a conversation with a pastor, and he and I were sitting across the table at lunch and I said, “What can I do to help you?” And he said, “You know, we really need people to go on this Mexico mission trip because when people go on a mission trip, that’s when they get it. They get on fire throughout their relationship with Jesus.”

And at the time, I felt like I kind of got it. And, I was driving 30 miles a day to work, and I said, “Well, how is that not a mission trip?”

Fast Forward

Fast forward several years and I was telling a friend this story. He made the comment, “Well why don’t you do a virtual mission trip?” And I thought that was a great idea. And so we started pursuing the idea. We call it a marketplace mission trip. This is a place where we intentionally go like we’re going on a mission trip, but we intentionally go for the purpose of serving our coworkers in the name of Christ. We go to our regular job.

Intentionally Depending On Christ

We created this two-week experience where we build community around people who all over the country or all over the world are going on a marketplace mission trip to their own job intentionally depending upon Christ, and content provided by the community and Follower of One to help us embrace those opportunities that we have in our workplace, to bless our coworkers and our customers and our vendors in the name of Jesus.


And then we also have the community itself where we can connect with one another. And the second week of the mission trip, we have conference calls where we talk about the things that are going on. We request prayer for one another. We have a subgroup in the community that will help you where we can share ideas, share prayer requests, and do things to bless one another and encourage one another as we live out our faith as a servant in our workplace full-time.

Extra Time

So what kind of a commitment is involved? What is this going to take? Well, there’s no cost. It really amounts to a few minutes every morning and a few minutes every evening where you focus on being intentional about your faith at work. You’re going to do your job. We encourage you to do your job as well as you always have or better. But this extra time at the beginning and at the end of every day is where we ask God to make us remain plugged into him intentionally, and so that we serve our coworkers. You will get a renewed sense of peace and joy and purpose in your own job as you do this.

What Are You Waiting For

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you just sign up for the next one now?

Hey, check out our website at followerofone.org where you can catch more videos, join our community, and go on your own marketplace mission trip.

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