Bring an Eternal Perspective to Your Workplace Today

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Do you believe you take Jesus with you to work? Do you believe your faith matters in your workplace? Your core belief impacts your perspective to make a difference. If your core beliefs line up with the teaching of eternal life found in the Bible, you live with an eternal perspective. If you believe you are the victim of your circumstances and “they don’t allow me to talk about God,” then you display a temporal, or worldly perspective. If you believe God has no interest in how you live your life while you’re at work, your life will not have much eternal impact.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” – Jesus Matthew 5:8.

Jesus said we see God when we are pure in heart. What does it mean to be pure in heart?

In Psalm 51:10, the psalmist asks God to create a clean or a pure heart. A pure heart centers on the desires of God. Depending on your history with God and your time in the faith, adopting God’s motives for every aspect of your life may seem impossible or ridiculous. As we come to know God and trust him, we realize he wants our eternal best and he is actively working to bring people to this realization. We gain a peace and a trust in God and his work in our world. Only then, can we see God’s work in our lives and in our circumstances.

As we focus on God’s interests and his ultimate goal, we live a life that makes the kingdom of God visible. As we live and work according to his principles and we live with the hope he provides, others will notice (Acts 1:8). We receive the power to do our jobs and focus on the eternal in everything we do. We will never be perfect, but as we grow in our faith and trust of God, we find opportunities to minister to the people we know and see every day.

Do you ask God to give you his perspective? Do you ask him to make Jesus known both in your own life and in your workplace? Ask God to make himself visible in your life today and look for the opportunities you have to help others see God today in your everyday routine.
Photo by Tomasz Sroka on Unsplash

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  1. A few things I do… Ask God to show me one person I can share His love with. Pray for people I work with. Ask for boldness to speak the Word.

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