Avoid Practical Atheism Part 4 – Consider Others More Important

Almost by definition, when we enter the workplace, we get into a me-centered mindset. We’re working on our projects, our goals, our to-do’s, our action items, our deliverables, and our issues. If we’re on commission, we have our quotas and our targets. If we’re in customer service or account management we have targets and performance metrics. Our employer or our boss or our team has certain expectations and we focus our energy to meet or exceed our expectations.

Our focus on ourselves and our jobs and our responsibilities borders on practical atheism. We’ve talked about how subtle practical atheism is. To excel in our work, we have to focus on our stuff. We can’t simply do our job half-heartedly. In fact, we try to do our jobs very well, on purpose (Colossians 3:23-24). We should get good. We must focus. God expects us to do our jobs very well.

Practical atheism sneaks in if we’re not careful. We need to be good at our jobs, but we also must pay attention to the people around us. Many people have done their jobs very well and failed when we need to consider others more important then ourselves (Phil 2:3). If we forget to consider others more important than ourselves, we slip into practical atheism. God would have us make others successful, both now and for eternity. Often doing our work wholeheartedly means we strive to make sure our whole team, our whole company, excels. We do our job well, when everyone on our team does well.

When we put others first, we fight the pull to practical atheism. As you plan your tomorrow, or your week or even your career, make time to pay attention to your coworkers. Do your job well so you can be interrupted. Block off some time so you have the time to help others. Build time into your schedule and your life so you can give some away and help your coworkers.

What other ideas could you share that also help to intentionally consider others more important than yourself? Share them below and help others. Thanks!

This is part 4 of the plan to avoid practical atheism. Check out the other 3 posts here, here and here.

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