Wisdom in Action – Matthew 7:24

By Tammy Burke

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matthew 7:24 ESV

The wise person acts and so does the fool. Notice the contrast in 24 and 26.  The foolish man didn’t listen. He was “smarter” than the first man. In some degree, this comes back to humility. We can’t always go against what we know to be right and get away with it. 

The building process and the bad weather came to both men. They both built a house. The only difference we know about these two guys is that one went out of his way to build a solid foundation and the other did just what he pleased. 

Today, what wisdom can you bring to your daily job? Ask God to show you how to do your work better. Or ask him for wisdom regarding who to interact with and how. If we listen to the Lord and do what we know to be best, we will experience the rewards. At the same time, we can be a blessing to the others around us too. 

In the Marketplace Mission Trip, we’re remembering why we follow Jesus. Let’s live so that people are puzzled about why we are motivated to serve them and bless them. Then, when they ask, let’s give a genuine answer that explains our reason and also points out that our relationship with Jesus was the motivation. 

But the world won’t see more Christians living their faith intentionally unless we get more believers living their faith intentionally. Please invite someone else on the next Marketplace Mission Trip with you. Every person needs 2 or 3 friends who follow Jesus. We need friends who can explain to us why they’re different. And we need those people to be in our lives, taking direction from Jesus and living differently. Those are the people others will ask to explain their hope.

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