5 Daily Activities for Full-Time Marketplace Ministers Part 1

At lunch today, a friend asked how he could do a better job of being a marketplace minister. He said he struggled with his “calling” and his daily ministry at work.

We either struggle or we simply check out. If you struggle, you’re making progress. And if you don’t struggle with being a marketplace minister, you’re probably not in the marketplace or you don’t consider yourself a minister. Besides, I’m not sure I would trust anyone who said they were a good marketplace minister . We cannot live up to the call of God. He has a tremendous job for us. We would never succeed except in his power and might. But he also gives us joy and peace as we struggle and follow him. We’re never as good as we could be but we can experience great joy simply pursuing God and fumbling along.

As we talked, I thought of 5 daily actions that will put any marketplace minister in a position to see God create meaningful outcomes.

In full disclosure, I haven’t done a very good job of being or doing the very things listed below, either. No one will do as well at these actions as we would like, but we all have to start somewhere.

The 5 daily actions I thought of are that we can pray, appreciate others, know what we believe, serve others, and speak for ourselves. Every day we can do these and provide quality work for our employers. Let’s explore each, the first 2 in this post and the last 3 in our next post.

Pray Daily

Everything starts with prayer. God is in charge and he is working his plan. When we pray, we tell God we’re available. We punch in. We submit to his guidance to make us into the people he wants to use. We conform our lives to his and we begin to love what he loves. We pray for our coworkers, too. God will give us a heart for others and he will also give us ideas of how to pray for others and what actions we can take as his helper. Everything begins with prayer.

Appreciate People Daily

When you’re praying, ask God to give you an appreciation for everyone you meet and the people you interact with daily. Some may rub you the wrong way. Others may even be enemies. But remember, God created them and he was happy when he did it. Find what God enjoys about each person. Make it a game. Try to find things to appreciate. Notice things about people. What do they enjoy? Have you noticed what makes them smile? What changes their demeanor? Some people who are quiet may get excited when you talk about their kids. Others who are boisterous or controlling may behave differently after you listen carefully to them. Appreciate people. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 5:21).

Until our next post, pray for your friends and coworkers and ask God to show you what he appreciates about them. We all want to be with people who appreciate us. Each person is created in the image of God and we can find things to appreciate about them. So, for now, pray and appreciate and then check out part 2 next.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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