Actions and Habits – Luke 6:47-49

Actions and Habits

Actions and Habits - Luke 6:47-49 | Follower of One

Jesus can be the foundation for our actions, or not. When obeying Jesus is not the reason for our actions, we construct our life on a weak foundation. Poor decisions follow poor decisions. Over time, our life can’t handle the difficulties of life in general.

Jesus finishes his point from yesterday. If we do what he says, we will have a solid foundation. We will build a house that can stand the test of time and weather. Imagine your life is a building. What have you built? What is it based upon? What will you add today? What will you add in the next few weeks?

How you spend your time matters. The building analogy is important. When Mike was younger, he considered he could always change. Now that he’s getting older, change is harder. After a while, what we build is harder and more difficult to fix. Think about every action you take as a brick, or some nails. Next year you may want to build something on to what you’ve built today. Every action takes us toward or away from God. How we act in our job is no exception. Will your actions today move you one notch closer to Jesus, or one farther away? If we have Jesus as our foundation, let’s do what he says. we will build our house on a solid foundation.

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