Always Be Ready

Always Be Ready

Leah: Are you ready to explain why you follow Jesus? I’m Leah and today Mike is going to talk about the importance of always being ready to have an answer.

We Have to Prepare

Mike: Hi, this is Mike Henry with Follower of One. Have you ever had to prepare for a talk or a speech of some kind or maybe there are certain things that you prepare for like going fishing or going golfing? We all have to prepare. In 1 Peter 3:15 Peter tells us, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in our hearts, always being ready to make a defense.”

What Does it Mean

What does it mean to always be ready? When I mentioned preparing for a speech, if you haven’t done that before, maybe that’s something that scares you. Maybe you’re afraid of speaking in public. Most people are. I have a fear of just about anything I’m not prepared for. If I can get prepared for it, my fear dissipates, but if I’m not prepared, I get a little anxious about what’s going to happen.

Make a Defense

Peter says, “We are to always be ready,” but ready for what? He goes on to say, “We’re always to be ready to make a defense.” That word, the Greek word translated, make a defense, it means to be able to give a reasoned explanation. It brings us back to the daily activities for Follower of One which includes knowing what you believe and speaking for yourself. We’re to always be ready to make a defense, that’s to explain why we follow Jesus. But can we explain why we follow Jesus to someone who doesn’t think he’s real?

Not Makebelieve

A friend of mine had a cousin visiting the States from the UK and as they were driving around and talking, my friend said that they followed Jesus and they attended a church. The cousin looked incredulously at her and said, “You follow Jesus?” It turned out that the cousin thought that believing in Jesus was the same thing as believing in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny.

Speak for Yourself

Can you explain your faith to someone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is real? The answer to that question begins with your own personal experience. In some degree, you’re already ready because you had the experience of following Jesus and so that’s why we encourage that you speak for yourself.

How Would You Answer

Prepare your answer using, I and me statements. I followed Jesus because. I chose to believe in Jesus or I chose to follow Jesus and then use your own personal explanation. Practice the answer. Practice answering if someone said, “What? Well, I thought Jesus wasn’t real.” How would you answer this question the way my friend did.

Practice Our Why

Our action this week is to practice our why, to know why you believe in Jesus and to be ready to answer someone who believes that he’s just a figment of our imagination. We want to be able to encourage people that our belief is rational, that our belief in Jesus is based on our own personal experience and that our belief in Jesus makes a difference in our life. When we can explain that easily and simply without stumbling, it’s compelling to people.

Think about what you believe and be ready to answer the question, why do you believe in Jesus? That’s what I believe Peter’s talking about when he says always being ready to make a defense. Practice your reason why you follow Jesus and be ready to give an answer. The day is coming. You’re a marketplace minister and God will use you.

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