Being a Marketplace Hub for Good Works with Bonnie Mock ep.#14

Being a Marketplace Hub for Good Works

Today Mike is joined by Bonnie Mock – the owner of a leadership coaching company called The Crowning. Bonnie comes from a unique background and her path to being both a Follower of One and a marketplace hub for good works, brought her to her calling as a leadership trainer and coach. What does your path look like? How can you take a different direction to achieve your goal of being a marketplace hub for the people around you? Find out how Bonnie did it in this episode.

Outline of This Episode:

  • [0:48] – Bonnie and the FCCI
  • [5:00] – Follower of One – The Bonnie Experience
  • [7:05] – Transformation of Bonnie’s life from her past to present
  • [17:05] – Building the support system you need to be the marketplace hub
  • [25:00] – Rewarding through good works
  • [27:40] – Tips on engaging your faith in the workplace

Good Works are Not Met with Ease

Every path is met with a struggle. We struggle because we are, by design, not perfect. Bonnie gives an in-depth description of her story (so far) that provides a great example of how joy is still accomplished through our struggle. She began how we all begin, defining a goal and achieving it. Yet, our first goal usually is not the end goal that God has planned for us and our faith. Just like your job, career, or even personal goals – not every goal is perfect in its inception and we must learn to trust God and his plan in order to be open to our ever-changing world. 

Nothing is Without Opportunity

Through Mike’s conversation with Bonnie, we learn of a very impactful story where she trusted in God to change her course and in result, her future. She shares this as a relatable experience, and in turn, provides a key in listening to God when nothing seems familiar. Follow her story above during her interview with Mike to get some great tips on how she did this, but more importantly, how you can begin to see God’s plan in your everyday life in the workplace. Nothing is without opportunity.

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