Ambition and Faith Part 2 – Luke 22:26-27

Ambition and Faith Part 2

Ambition and Faith Part 2 - Luke 22:26-27 | Follower of One

Who is greater? That’s what these guys had been discussing. They were striving to be successful in Jesus’ new kingdom. Yesterday we talked about the get-into-heaven-free card. I think of that as being the other end of the spectrum. On one end, we don’t want to do anything more than we have to. That was my original strategy. But when I became a Christ-follower, then I wanted to lay up treasure in heaven. I started wondering what heaven would be like and what would I do. And I think the disciples were doing a similar thing. They had a different point of reference.

What do you expect to be doing in Heaven? Do you expect to be served? Do you think you’re just going to hang out in Heaven watching TV?

Have you ever worked on a project or built something, or been part of something with a team of people who were your best friends? How did you feel? Could you not wait to get back to the project?

I’ve had some great work situations, where a team of friends pulled of something difficult. It was tiring, exhausting and worth it. Jesus is giving the disciples a great truth here. When we serve, we are blessed. Service to others is the best work of life, as the Jaycee Creed states.

So do you have any spiritual ambition? Do you wonder what it will take to earn the rewards Jesus talks about in scripture? And do your spiritual goals make a difference in your life? Do your spiritual goals affect what you watch on TV or what you eat, or who you hang out with? How much of your daily energy would you say you spend laying up treasure in heaven?

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