Ambition and Faith Part 3 – Matthew 25:21

Ambition and Faith Part 3

Ambition and Faith Part 3 - Matthew 25:21 | Follower of One

Do we want Jesus to tell us “Well Done?” What are your thoughts about your “job” here on earth? As Christ-followers, we know we were created on purpose for a purpose. The goal of our life was created for us before we were born. We discover it. Can you imagine eternity at all? Can you imagine it, knowing that you did everything Jesus intended for you to do?

I wonder sometimes about how much time I waste thinking about things that won’t last long beyond my own life on this planet. When I became a Christian, my first thought was that I needed to go into full-time ministry. Like Peter, who wanted Jesus to wash his hands and his head (John 13:9), I wanted as much of Jesus as I could get.

I wish the rest of my story followed that path, but it didn’t. I struggle as I’m sure you do, too. Back in the real world, is there more of Jesus for all of us? Yes. Is there something limiting us in our walk with Jesus? Yes, ourselves. Jesus gives us all of him we can stand. If you want more of Jesus, more joy, more excitement, more purpose, more of an eternal perspective, you can have it. Jesus isn’t holding anything back.

So what do you let separate you from God? Can you focus on Jesus more and whatever that is, less? Today, I want to focus on listening to and doing whatever Jesus has for me. I want to invest more of the resources I’ve been given to hear Jesus say, “Well done,”? Can you bend your life more toward Jesus? Let’s ask Jesus to enable us to draw near to him today.

That’s why we created Follower of One. We want to help you focus on eternal objectives in your everyday life. Why not let us know how we can help you focus more of your life on Jesus?

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