How Our Faith Can Impact Others Outside the Walls of the Church; Chad Balthrop, Ep #9

By Taylor Martin

Outside the Walls

Do you have difficulty understanding how ministry can happen outside the walls of the church? Listen to Chad Balthrop explain how this understanding is essential. As the executive pastor at First Baptist Church in Owasso, Oklahoma, he talks about how culture makes it easy to separate our faith from work. As followers of Christ, that should influence every aspect of our lives. Chad also says that too many believers have the idea that faith is something they do rather than who they are. Listen to this episode where Chad talks about our faith and how we can express it in every role of our lives.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:00]   Chad’s background and perspective on faith in the workplace
  • [5:57]   Is your Christianity defined only by the set of activities you perform?
  • [11:12] Am I representing Christ well in the workplace?
  • [14:28] The importance of seeing ministry outside the walls of the church
  • [20:13] How the Marketplace Mission Trip can encourage and equip you
  • [22:03] How can pastors help mobilize believers in the workplace?

Are you representing Christ well in the workplace?

Too often, we see Christianity as a set of activities instead of focusing on who we are. It’s easy to think the only options for service are programs within the church. But if we change our mindset, we can see opportunities to serve the people we work with. We should be moved by compassion just as Christ was in Matthew 9:36. He not only saw people’s needs, but he also met them. 

Chad shares the importance of meeting people where they are and how everything we do should flow out of our identity in Christ. Listen to him share how your interactions at work can reflect who you are as a believer.

Where to get help in finding my ministry outside the walls of the church

In the church, there are so many opportunities to serve. Whether it’s setting up chairs for youth group or teaching a Sunday school class, the needs are endless. People are needed in every capacity for the church to function well. But outside of church, if you want to learn how to make a difference in your workplace, he suggests three things:

  • Ask your pastor for help
  • Seek others out in the community desiring the same thing
  • Talk to other leaders in your church

Listen now to hear Chad explain these things in more detail. You will want to hear him talk about how the church is the stadium where ministry takes place, but the plays are outside the walls of the church. 

Beat the challenge at work – learn to focus on people 

As a follower of Christ, you have the Spirit of God in you. With this in mind, your interactions with people is an opportunity for them to have contact with the Spirit. This is why it’s so important to have a mission mindset when you go to work – you may be the only interaction with the Spirit your coworkers will ever have. Of course, the challenge is that when you’re at work, your focus is on the tasks at hand. Learn how to overcome that challenge and focus on people while at work. Chad talks about the need people around us have – and it may not be in a business function but in a capacity we didn’t expect. Start by simply praying for your coworkers and serving them today.

How can pastors encourage believers in the workplace?

As a pastor himself, Chad talks about the challenge of thinking about ministry appropriately. He emphasizes pastors must remember that the most effective ministry may not take place on Sunday, but instead, it’s who they empower to go out Monday through Friday in the workplace. 

He encourages pastors to start conversations within their church about this. They can provide resources of people’s roles in the workplace and how their faith fits into that. The key is to remember that we all must lead from who we are in Christ rather than relying on tasks that make us look successful in the workplace. 

Hear what Chad has to say about the correlation between sending people out overseas and sending them out into the workplace mission field. Whatever role God has called you to – as a teacher, engineer, or CEO of a company – you’re there for a reason and your life can be the catalyst in drawing others to Christ.

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