Marketplace Mission Trip Day 5 – Remembering Your Why

By Taylor Martin

Remembering Your Why

Leah: Okay. It’s day five of your marketplace missions trip. Thank you so much for listening to God and joining us on this trip. Let’s listen to Mike as he talks about the very first marketplace minister. Let’s check it out.

Thank You

Mike: Here you are. It’s the last day of the marketplace mission trip, day five. Thank you for being a part of this. Today, I want to go back to the beginning and I want to talk about the first marketplace minister. Remember in Mark 5, Jesus comes to this region and he meets a man who has an army of demons living in him. Jesus cast the army of demons out of the man, into a herd of pigs, they rush off a cliff and they die. People from the area come and they ask Jesus to leave because they don’t want Jesus changing their lifestyle. And so as Jesus is leaving, this man who was healed asked Jesus, “Can I go with you?” And Jesus said, “No, you stay here. Go back to your home, go back to your people and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you.”

Do You Remember?

Mike: Do you remember the question that you prepared an answer for earlier in the week? Why do you follow Jesus? Why are you doing this? Has anyone asked you that question this week? Don’t skip this step. Some people believe no one’s ever going to ask me that, or it’s easy to listen to the voices in your head tell you, “Oh, it’s no big deal. I’m just trying to help out.” But this is our opportunity to tell people about Jesus because people will ask. So don’t give up and don’t skip this step. Our action today is this last day on the mission trip is to remember the things that we’re doing and why they’re important.

Don’t Skip This Step

Mike: Remember, day one was go to your mission trip and pray for people. Day two was make time for people so that you can appreciate them. Day three was listen to them, let the Holy Spirit guide you and give you more questions to ask. Day four was to deliver excellent work. And today is remember your why. Remember to tell people why you follow Jesus. Be prepared to answer this question, why are you doing this? And then today, remember your why. Remember to practice your answer of why are you doing this. You want to answer with I and me statements and give a brief answer that introduces Jesus into the conversation. Please don’t skip this step. Please keep it going.

Know That What You’re Doing Matters

Mike: Remember, you’re doing a great job. Your mission trip made a difference in eternity. Your actions this week matter and your actions today matter. Give it everything you’ve got. This is our last day. Don’t listen to the negative voices in your head either because those voices, every voice that’s about the past or about how this isn’t going to work, trust God and know that what you’re doing matters. I’m grateful that you’re a marketplace minister.

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