Importance of Serving Others – Acts 6:4

Importance of Serving Others

Importance of Serving Others - Acts 6:4 | Follower of One

As we look at Acts 6 we learn how the decision to create deacons came about. The word deacon comes from a Greek word that is often translated ministry or minister and is also translated servant. Upon further focus in Acts 6, we look specifically at Acts 6:4, “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word”.

The Greek word used for serving food and for ministering the word is the same. The Apostles and the leaders of the church were not only ministering the Word, but they were serving others the Word. There is a thought that people who serve in the church are ministers, and everyone is just simply there, but we find this is not true.

Mike shares how he wanted to go into full time ministry but could not because of having a job and a mortgage. He discovered that ministry and service mean the same thing which allows him, as a worker, to serve his coworkers and others on behalf of Jesus thus resulting in his ministry.

Many times, we may forget the importance of serving others. Service is the fourth daily activity in Follower Of One. The five daily activities are: pray, appreciate others, know what you believe, serve others and speak for yourself.

Serving others is how we show up in the world after we have prayed for people. Because when we pray for people Jesus does not always change them, instead He changes us. He puts us to work in their lives and He calls us to serve others. We see this with the Apostles who devoted themselves to prayer and to serving Jesus by administering the Word.

All of us devote ourselves to prayer and to ministry by making something. Serving as truck driver, a computer programmer, or as a servant in a restaurant. We serve Jesus by the way we do our jobs. We also serve all of mankind through our jobs as well as those we work with. We make the world better as we do our jobs.

Let us serve others and get outside our job descriptions. This is His calling for us, that we minister in whatever way our jobs call us to be a minister to the people that your work with and those we interact with. Jesus will prompt people to ask why we are doing this and then we get the opportunity to tell them about our relationship with Jesus.

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