Where can We Increase Supply?

Many things needed in our world often feel like they’re in short supply. Recently we hear of shortages related to the pandemic. Even before that, many complained about how we’re less civil, how our world seems to be less tolerant of others.

Who’s the Problem?

I speak with so many people who feel that some other person is the problem. Many think President Trump is the problem. Others think those who disagree with President Trump are the problem. Or we can substitute the church, or the media, Wall Street, big business, capitalism, politicians, people who don’t stay home. We so often blame others for our problems.

World Problems

Our world may have been in a pandemic before the COVID-19 appeared. We’ve been pretty bitter toward people who don’t see things our way for a while. Our world has been becoming a lonelier place. But do we really want everyone in the world to act like we do? Wouldn’t that be pretty boring?

Fruit or Toilet Paper?

So what do we really need more of? Is it really toilet paper, or could it be something more important. Might we need more of things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

The Bible claims these are all fruit. But not just any kind of fruit, these are fruit the Holy Spirit produces in people who follow Jesus. We can grow more of each of these fruits without creating any long-term damage to our environment.

Increase Supply | Follower of One

Sustainably Produced

These attributes are sustainably produced. Think about love. When we elevate someone else to a position of importance over ourselves, we demonstrate a little love. When we put them first, operate in their best interest, giving even a smile, a kind word or a patient benefit of the doubt, we show love. Love has been in short supply in our world for the last few years. And when we fail to love others, we do so to our detriment. The one doing the loving is often blessed as much or more than the one being loved. It’s why we get dogs. When we love others, we are better. We feel more loved when we give it. (I’m reminding myself.)

Focus to Increase Supply

But our nature is to focus on ourselves. We’re tempted to hoard things, including this fruit. If we’re honest with ourselves we know our default solution is to look out for #1. That’s why it’s hard to put ourselves in a position where we are committed to give more than we receive. We think if we give love away, we lose something. But deep down inside, we all know love grows as we give it.

Honesty is another sustainable resource. We can all produce more honesty without causing any global warming. And we can all produce more love and many other types of things our world needs, too.

List Your Supply Ideas Below

What other sustainable ways can we increase supply now? What other things can you think of that we can each produce in greater quantity? How about encouragement? How about laughter? What else can you list?

Share your thoughts below and share this story on social media. Let’s remind ourselves what we can continue to supply through the social distancing. What can we each ship more of to make the world better. The sooner we all get in the shipping business, the better off our world will be.

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