God is The Answer with Taylor Martin ep#23

God is The Answer

Welcome back Followers of One! In this weekend’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike goes behind the scenes for a talk with Taylor Martin! Taylor is our very own social media coordinator, content marketer, editor, and graphic designer. Phew. That was a lot, but she does so much for us here at Follower of One! Please give a warm ear to this weekend’s episode as we learn more about Taylor and her story.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:25 – Meet Taylor Martin
  • 06:50 – The Mission Trip in Taylor’s words
  • 09:05 – Taylor’s Family Story
  • 14:55 – Where to connect with Taylor Martin

God is the Answer

We usually speak metaphorically when relating the Good Word to our current daily lives. This is not because we don’t understand the Bible itself but that in order to pull lessons that correlate with our specific experience, in this specific era, we need to adjust the lens a bit. Yet, “God is the Answer” has never wavered. There is no other Being who needs to be in our eyes.

Listening at Your Lowest

When do you listen to God? Do you listen to Him when everything is going right? Do you pray to Him when everything is going wrong? Keeping consistent communication may be the key but we definitely can’t forget to listen to what God is telling us during our lowest points in life. This is powerful and Taylor has a specific instance of this. We won’t tell the story here, but take note of the episode breakdown and see just how listening to God during a low point changed her and her family’s lives forever (for the better).

Connect With Taylor

Connect With Follower Of One

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