Marketplace Ministry with Other Believers Part 1 – Philippians 1:3-5

Marketplace Ministry with Other Believers Part 1

Marketplace Ministry with Other Believers Part 1 - Philippians 1:3-5 | Follower of One

Paul had a great relationship with the Philippian church. They supported him more than once (Philippians 4:16). In fact, this reads like a grateful thank-you note. Paul is writing other believers and he expresses gratitude for their support, which is most certainly both financial and spiritual.

They sent someone, with some money to Paul, which means they kept up with him and they thought of him. In verse 5, Paul says they participated (or partnered) in the gospel from the first day until now. The first day would have been when Paul met Lydia in Acts 16:14. And it doesn’t seem that he stayed very long. The story of how we had to leave town in a hurry is told in the rest of Acts 16.

The Greek word translated participation or partnership is a word that means fellowship. Some Bibles translate it fellowship. It is a word that means we share, we’re partners, we are together.

Sometimes we talk about sharing the gospel as talking to someone about Jesus, who doesn’t follow Jesus. But sharing the gospel is so much more. Because we both have the Holy Spirit, we have so much more in common than trust in Jesus. We have the same motives, same goals. Same objectives.

Or do we?

What does it mean to you to share in the gospel? To me, it means to help others move closer to Jesus. We may even know him, but do we have his goals and objectives? Our joy and our fullest life come from working and walking side-by-side with Jesus. Everything we do, our work, our meetings, every facet of our job is something we can do for Jesus. And when we do, we share in his work.

In fact, in less than a week, we will practice joining Jesus again on one of our Marketplace Mission Trips. Would you like to join us? This is 5-30 minutes a day to give each day to Jesus and watch him work. You have the time. And you have the money, because we don’t charge for this effort. A generous person already paid for your ticket. Check it out and sign up at

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