Marketplace Mission Trip Day 1

Today marks the beginning of our first-ever, 5-Day Marketplace Mission Trip. In case you missed this story about the idea, you can read the story here. Or check out all the posts on this topic here.

Each day, we will post a devotional designed to help you enter your workplace like a missionary. Remember, we are not trying to “win” people to our way of thinking or our religion. We want to serve others and live our life in such a way that others see Jesus in us. There is no “sales pitch” or appeal to memorize. Please don’t try to “convert” people. Let’s simply live our life with grace, praying for others and asking God to show us how to bless and serve others so that they see him.

Click this link for the Day 1 Devotional. If you would like to take part, join the community and the Marketplace Mission Trip subgroup. We share prayer requests for one another and stories about what God is doing in and around us. We will post each day in the community and share links to those posts here.

We hope to live more like Jesus would want us to live every day. What are you waiting for? It’s not too late to join. Jesus has a job for each of us. We don’t have to go overseas to serve others in the name of Jesus. Seize the opportunities to join Jesus as he works in our world today.

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

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