Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment – James 2:13

By SAM Morrison

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment - James 2:13 | Follower of One

Do you find yourself quick to judge? I saw a news story today, recounted in a social media meme. It was designed to get me angry about a bill our government leaders passed. Then, I saw a note about this verse and I realized this needed to be the podcast subject today.

In God’s created order, mercy triumphs over judgment. Think about that for a minute. As you watched the bowl games think about the celebration that takes place when a winner is crowned. The bigger the game, the bigger the celebration. We spray one another with champagne. We smile, dance, celebrate, raise our hands. If you’re the loser in that environment, you feel pretty bad. They get to celebrate, but we can only be quiet, take it in stride, promise ourselves we’ll learn and do better next time.

Mercy celebrates like that over judgment. The Greek word here is a compound. The root word means to boast. It’s used in many verses as boast or exult, which means to celebrate. But this word has another Greek word combined, meaning “over.” So mercy doesn’t just win. It doesn’t just celebrate. It celebrates over judgment.

Today, when we’re tempted to judge, let’s remember mercy triumphs over judgment. Walk off homer with a bat flip. Jesus turned the world upside down and paid for our sin by dying on the cross. Mercy will always party in the presence of judgment. Let’s make sure we wear our mercy and hide our judgment. We don’t want to be on the losing team after all.

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