Reason for Actions – Practical Ideas Part 3

Can you explain the reason why you serve others? We’ve been talking about practical ideas to live as a marketplace minister. Most of the very practical ideas revolve around ways to serve others. When we pray for people, God gives us ideas for ways to serve them. He knows what’s going on and he will use us to make a difference in the lives of our friends. All we have to do is ask.

But when we live serving others, they might naturally ask us why we’re serving them. When they do, it helps them and us to know why we are performing this act of service.

“Why do you serve? Because I follow Jesus.”

Why do you follow Jesus?

Can you answer the question, “Why do you follow Jesus?” When you serve your coworkers, you’ll be asked. If you do something for someone that doesn’t make natural sense, they’re going to want to know. Would you like others to eventually choose to know and follow Jesus? A key factor in their journey will be how you answer that question.

Valid Reasons

Most people I ask have a very church-sounding answer. “Because he loves me.” Or “Because he died for me.”

We eat and wear clothes and have jobs and buy things for reasons. Even if we don’t think of the reason often, there’s a reason. The reason is generally what we get because we do those things. I save money so I can have it later, for things I really want. I buy gas so I can get where I want to go. That’s also why I own a car, but it’s not why I own an Acura. I don’t need an Acura to get from A to B. I chose an Acura because I wanted a car that would last.

What’s Your Reason

So why do you follow Jesus? If we can answer that question, without sounding foolish or simple to our coworkers, the conversation can continue. Jesus will choose the time and place of the questions. And if we let him, he’ll show us what to say. Our job is to live so others might ask, and then to know why we follow Jesus.

All the more reason to think about it more. Why do you follow Jesus?

This is part of the preparation we do as we get ready for a Marketplace Mission Trip. The next one is starting soon. Learn more and sign up here!

Photo by Annie Marek-Barta on Unsplash

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