Results of Steadfast Peace – Isaiah 26:3

Results of Steadfast Peace

Results of Steadfast Peace - Isaiah 26:3 | Follower of One

What is a steadfast mind? Almost every translation uses “steadfast” to translate the Hebrew word. When our mind is steadfast, it is trained to listen to and watch for God. We don’t give up. We look for him in everything we do. We persist in obeying his commands. What do you need to do to be steadfast in your mind today? Where do you let your mind move from trusting God to trusting yourself?

One place Mike does that in in areas where he is confident. Do you get confident in your own abilities and then switch off your relationship with Jesus? “I’ve got this. I can do it on my own.” Do you catch yourself operating in that kind of mindset.

To be steadfast of mind means our mind is fixed on something. Isaiah suggests that our mind is steadfast in trusting God. God isn’t subject to our definition of him or our idea of him. When we trust in God, we learn about him and grow in our knowledge of him. He defines reality, not the other way around. We become steadfast in mind when we can trust in God for the long haul. The moment we think we don’t need him, we falter.

Today, let’s renew our commitment to do what God tells us first and foremost. That may require that you spend more time reading the Bible than you usually do. Ask God how you can be more steadfast of mind and then do what he says. If he tells you to read the Bible more, or to pray more, you can trust him. That’s consistent with scripture. But if you think he’s telling you to relax, take it easy, it may be your lazy flesh talking to you. Listen carefully and then do what God says.

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