The Importance of Good Questions with Tyler Ellis #32

The Importance of Good Questions

On this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike talks with Tyler Ellis. Tyler is the Associate Director at FriendSpeak with over 20 years of ministry experience. He currently works with the Let’s Start Talking ministry to teach people across the globe English through God’s word. 

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:58 – Meet Tyler Ellis
  • 3:53 – Tyler’s TEDx Talk
  • 15:53 – Tyler’s Thoughts on What to do next
  • 21:33 – What Questions and Actions Tyler Took
  • 29:38 – Tyler’s Story on Why Questions Matter
  • 32:48 – Connect with Tyler

What is Jesus to You?

In the discussion between Mike and Tyler, Tyler talks about the conversations he had with several people at the University of Delaware. He mentions that almost 50% of the Christian population believes that the way into Heaven is by behavior. Do you believe this as well? It bared interesting information because it shows that most people see Jesus as a Role Model for our faith, instead of being the way to heaven. We sometimes forget the grace of God and it is through his grace that we are saved. So, Jesus is absolutely a role model but he must first be the Messiah himself! Do you see your actions as the reasons God will let you into heaven? Is the reason you go to church to show God that you are acting accordingly? 

Proverbial Water Cooler

How much can get done within a conversation around your work water cooler? Typically, conversations at the “water cooler” center around gossip, the news, or even upcoming work obstacles, and by design, they are short-lived before returning to your work. Tyler talks about how we might feel intimidated by the briefness of these conversations. What if I am put on the spot? What if I don’t know the answer to their questions? It becomes difficult to approach and therefore sometimes avoided so that we do not expose ourselves in the wrong way. Tyler thinks about how we can change this dynamic to be better suited for progress between both parties. “I don’t want to give you a ten-cent answer to your million dollar question.” In other words, Tyler says to ask them for coffee, or a meeting of some kind where there is more opportunity to accomplish something. Will you chose to put yourself out there more? Are you willing to ask someone who questions your faith out for coffee for the first time?  

Good Questions

Jesus is the master of great questions! When we think about accomplishing something, we usually jump to the word “action”. “How can someone accomplish so much? They worked all day and night on it.” Yet, within a conversation, speaking on your believes or thoughts isn’t always the answer. Sometimes we must first ask the right questions. Tyler talks about the importance of questions and how they can be used to accomplish more with one another. He has a TEDx Talk that directly correlates how questions can open up new pathways to success and friendship. So, are you good at asking questions? Do you think of new and different ways to ask someone why they think the way they do? Go listen to Tyler’s TEDx talk Here

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