Whatever We Think – Philippians 4:8

By SAM Morrison

Whatever We Think

Whatever We Think - Philippians 4:8 | Follower of One

Mission Trip Day 2 – Appreciate Others – Deep down inside, we know that what we think affects how we act. Paul challenges the Philippian believers, and all of us, to focus our mind on the true, honorable, right, pure, lovely.

Mike mentioned that he drives where he looks. Our mind takes us where it is. If we focus on the good, we find it. And if we focus on the negative, that’s what we get, too. Do you experience anxiety? Remind yourself about what is good. Remind yourself what is true about God. Remind yourself what is true about our salvation or for today, remind yourself about something true and positive about your coworkers, customers or vendors. When you’ve thought of it, share it with them. Tell them what you appreciate about them. Remind yourself to remember what you like about them.

Mike mentioned that he thought part of the reason why we’re all feeling so negative is because that’s all we hear. All media is based on attention. We’re drawn to the negative. But if we’re going to appreciate others, we must fix our mind on the positive, on the true, honorable, right, pure, lovely. Read this in any translation. Memorize it. And then, compare your thoughts to this list. When you’re anxious, you’re not here. When you’re worried, again, you’re not here. Take your thoughts captive so that you can appreciate others. It requires self discipline.

Try it today. Tell a coworker what you appreciate and be sincere. Keep thinking until you come up with something genuine. And, then, when you’re done, cement your action. Get them or you a gift from our new online store. Go to https://followerofone.org/shop.

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