Who is Greatest? – Luke 22:27

Who is Greatest?

Who is the greatest, the one who is served, or the one who serves? Jesus sets the standard for what I call character-based leadership: leading from who you are and not your power, performance, or position. The greater is the one who serves? Really? Do we live that way? If you answer “Yes,” think again. As a people, we don’t live that way. Everyone wants to be the leader, the politician, the one in charge. I spent years trying to get a business going for myself so I could call the shots. But Jesus calls the shots.

But Jesus calls the shots. And He came to serve (Mark 10:45). When I first became a Christ-follower, I wanted to follow Jesus full-time. I kept trying to get God to put me to work in some Christian organization, working with some great Christians. Have you ever considered becoming a full-time minister? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for Jesus full-time?

Mike says Jesus answered his request to become a full-time minister by showing him that the word translated “minister” is also translated “servant.” He realized Jesus was calling him to serve people he worked with.

Our 4th daily activity is to serve others. To become a full-time minister, we must minister full-time. We don’t have to leave our job. God can use ministers in any occupation, working for any person. He called Mike to minister to people in work situations that didn’t fit his strengths, so he could learn the lessons and make Jesus visible. What about you? How can you serve others today?

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