What Great Things – Mark 5:19

What Great Things

Our third daily activity is we should know what we believe. Why do you follow Jesus? There was a man who was possessed by an army of demons and he became the first marketplace missionary. Jesus healed the man and the demons took over a herd of pigs that ran into the sea and drown. The people were amazed, but they asked Jesus to leave the region. They didn’t want him to hang around. The man naturally asked if he could go with Jesus, but Jesus wouldn’t let him go.

With no more than one sentence of training, Jesus left this man in a hostile country with no support mechanism. All he received besides this encounter with Jesus was one sentence of seminary. Jesus sent him to tell others about his experience.

You’re an expert in your experience with Jesus. Think about it. Be able to give someone the one and two sentence answer to why you follow Jesus. As you live praying for, appreciating and serving others, they’ll see that you’re different and they will ask. This man was known as being demon possessed. People would see the difference and Jesus encouraged this man to share what the Lord did for him and how he had mercy on him.

People who work with you trust you. You’re normal like they are. But if you live a different life, they’ll want to make the connection. We’ll talk Friday about what to do when you’re asked. Today, practice your answer. Use “I” and “me” statements and simply answer the question, “Why do you follow Jesus?” Or, “Why did you go out of your way to help me?” Live like you follow Jesus and you will get the opportunity to share. Practice to be ready.

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