Find Out How a Workplace Mission Mindset Was So Impactful, with Eric Clark, Ep #1

Workplace Mission

Eric’s workplace mission was clearly defined when he participated in his first Marketplace Mission trip. This unique opportunity was suggested by his boss, who asked him if he would like to join along with another coworker. Although he works as a consultant, he learned how his role serves as an opportunity to “be Jesus” in each workplace. Listen to this episode to hear how this unique mission trip has impacted him and those he works with.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:23] Meet Eric Clark: Christ-follower and developer
  • [5:34] How a Dr. Pepper made a difference for the kingdom
  • [8:38] How the Marketplace Mission trip impacted Eric’s walk with Christ
  • [9:47] How can Follower of One help you in YOUR walk with Christ?
  • [11:06] What to expect when you take your Marketplace Mission trip
  • [15:27] Find out more about Follower of One

How the Marketplace Mission Trip revealed Eric’s role in the workplace

As a consultant, Eric finds himself in many different work experiences. When his boss asked him to join the Marketplace Mission Trip along with two other coworkers, he was interested to join. Even though he’s not an employee for a particular company he’s consulting for, he learned the value of being Jesus in each workplace. 

Eric appreciated the daily emails he received after joining the mission trip. These emails encouraged and challenged him daily to be purposeful in reaching out to others. Listen to this episode to find out how these emails helped motivate Eric to think outside of himself and how to focus on others instead. 

Learn the eternal difference a Dr. Pepper can make

Eric shared the Dr. Pepper story in one of the evening calls with his group, not realizing the impact it would make. It’s a simple story of how the Lord showed him to put his needs and desires aside to show love to a coworker. Because of the daily email challenges, he often thought about this and what it means to have a workplace mission mindset. In this episode, listen to how Eric was able to actively participate in the mission trip by simply giving a Dr. Pepper away.

Find out the lasting impact of a workplace mission mindset

Using the tools Eric gained from the mission trip combined with a church event, his walk with Jesus has gotten deeper. One of the things he learned was the act of listening. It may sound like an easy task, but it honestly was more difficult than he anticipated. He had to learn how to put aside his agenda – things like not thinking about how he wanted to respond or thinking about his to-do list. In society, we’re not programmed that way. We’re used to thinking about ourselves. Please listen to hear how Follower of One helped Eric step out of his world to make an eternal difference in the lives of those around him.

What to expect when you take your Marketplace Mission trip

For anyone who hasn’t taken the Marketplace Mission trip, it looks like this. The first five days of the trip you receive coaching in these five practices of how to:

  • Pray
  • Appreciate people
  • Know what you believe
  • Serve others
  • Speak for yourself

The second five days is the live portion of the trip. Those days are when you put those practices into action. Then every evening, there is a conference call to share each other’s stories of what was experienced. For example, people share stories like Eric’s Dr. Pepper story.  Why not check out the next Marketplace Mission Trip and sign up!

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