Marketplace Mission Trip Day 2 – Make Time

Make Time

Make time. We all have time for important things. If you knew Jesus was going to feed 5000 people or allow you to walk on water, you would make a way to be where you needed to be. These messages take time. And doing things for others takes time, too.

Get Ahead

What will it take for you to join Jesus as He works miracles in your vicinity? First, you may need to get ahead in your own job. Are you always up against a deadline? Most of us are very busy. What if you came into work for the next few days so you can get ahead? Or what if you stayed late to help a coworker? Either way, when God prompts you to do something for someone else, be ready. Plan to invest some extra time next week, maybe even 5 extra hours to make sure you see Jesus’ work!

Please avoid abusing your employer’s or your team members’ time. Go the extra mile to make sure you only use personal time and resources to serve others.

Make Others Successful

Use your extra time to make others successful. When we trust and follow Jesus, we will be ultimately successful for the rest of eternity. But we must earn credibility with smaller things. When you pray for people this week, God may put you in a position to help. Helping takes time. Make your coworkers and your employer successful. Any action you take that is over or above your job description will cause others to question. Unmerited appreciation of our friends is one way we model the unmerited favor and grace given to us by Jesus.

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