Marketplace Mission Trip FAQ Part 2

We have another Marketplace Mission Trip coming up February 18 – March 1, 2019. Since we did the last trip, many people have asked questions about this idea. So we put together this Mission Trip FAQ.

Primary Objective: Live in such a way that we cooperate with Jesus as he makes himself visible.

We began our frequently asked questions in Part 1. There may be a little overlap, but I want to make sure anyone searching can find what they need.

Mission Trip FAQ Continued

Do I have to know a lot about the Bible? The more you can explain why you follow Jesus, the better. In fact, knowing why we follow Jesus is one of our recommended keys to being a marketplace missionary. If you can’t tell others why you believe, it won’t take long for them to think you’re faking it.

I’m not much of an example. What should I do? First, none of us is qualified to tell someone else how to live. But for those of us who follow Jesus, let’s become the best example we can be. If we really believe following Jesus is the right way to live, forever, then we want to live following him right now.

However, if you know you have changes you need to make, get some help. Talk to your pastor, or look for a Celebrate Recovery group and talk to them or contact us. Maybe you need to make amends to some of your coworkers and ask them to forgive you. Spend your energy asking God to show you what you need to change and then, do what he says.

What if someone asks me something I don’t know? Offer to try and find out. If they really want to know, they’ll let you. And if they only want to argue, don’t join in. I doubt anyone ever trusted Jesus more as the result of an argument. Genuinely serve others from a sincere heart and pray for them. When we pray for people and serve them, the rest is up to God.

You can do this!

If you follow Jesus, please know you can do this. Even if you don’t say a word to anyone about it, you can pray for your coworkers. And if God gives you an idea for how to bless someone, do it. You have very little to lose, and you may spend a week closer to Jesus than you’ve ever been. What’s so terrible about that?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

So what are you waiting for? If you have other questions, ask them below or on the Contact Us page. And if you’re ready, go to this page and signup!

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