Seeking Understanding with Chris Champion, #39

Seeking Understanding

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Chris Champion. Chris is the Director of Field Development for Corporate Chaplains Of America, a good friend of Mike’s, and if you are an owner/operator of a business – your next connection! Please welcome Chris to the Follower of one Community!

Episode Breakdown:

  • 1:40 – Meet Chris Campion 
  • 4:40 – Chris’ Thoughts on the Situation in the World
  • 7:05 – Lessons on God Transforming Us
  • 9:45- Colson Fellows Program
  • 12:10 – Key Takeaways from Colson Fellows Program
  • 14:40- Chris’ Thoughts on God in the Workplace
  • 17:30- Corporate Chaplains of America
  • 21:40- Being Intentional

Listening and Seeking Understanding

The times we are all undergoing are difficult. In Mike’s interview with Chris, Chris addresses some things we could specifically be doing with our Christian foundations. The two major points are listening to other people and seeking a better understanding. These things are inherent in how we need to act moving forward. We as Christ-followers need to listen better. We need to seek understanding first and with that understanding, we can push forward to a better tomorrow. How are you listening to other people today? How are you seeking understanding? Tell us in your own words on Facebook so we can all learn from you!

Appreciating People 

Another big obstacle we face is stress during these times. This is probably the most stressful work-life situation we have all been through. COVID has changed everyone’s lives across the world and we are just now seeking to do something after the initial shock. Appreciating people needs to be at the top of our list. How do we appreciate people? Chris talks about several ways to do so but the first step is being genuine to your friends, family, and coworkers about how you don’t take them for granted. Asking simply “How are you?” and listening to those answers are just as important as well. How do you appreciate your co-workers? Your family? Friends? Maybe it is time to change some habits to make it clear!

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