Spreading the Gospel Outside of Church Walls with Jordan Dollar, #73

By Lee Whitehead

Spreading the Gospel Outside of Church Walls

Follower of One | Spreading the Gospel Outside of Church Walls with Jordan Dollar

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Jordan Dollar. Jordan is the Leadership Coach for Biblical Business Training (BBT). BBT provides Biblical leadership development and curriculum to small-group Bible study leaders, helping them grow in their relationship with Christ and equipping them to pour into the lives of others. Please welcome him to the community!

Episode Breakdown

  • 0:45 – Meet Jordan Dollar
  • 1:10 – Biblical Business Training
  • 4:20 – Jordan’s Story with BBT
  • 9:30 – BBT’s Method for the Workplace
  • 12:45 – BBT’s Curriculum 
  • 21:25 – Setting Up Your Own Study Now

Focus On God and Not Your Differences 

There are a lot of different denominations in the Christian world and many of them differ, yet the core belief in God is steady. Jordan and Mike talk about BBT’s purpose and how their goal is to not answer theological questions. You need a home church/ pastor to be able to help you along your spiritual journey, however, one of the biggest things missing is the support to take your gospel into the workplace. Focusing on the right things is very important in this case. Instead of worrying about how and when we need to focus on what God is calling us to do. When we train our minds to see what God is calling us to do, then we can take action rather than getting into arguments over our differences. We all believe in Him, let’s work together! 

Hear Your Calling

At the core of BBT, being able to read the word and hear our calling is key to accomplishing our goal of spreading the Gospel at work. Have you heard a calling yet? What did God tell you to do? Maybe some of us have never taken the time to listen, or maybe what we hear scares us. This is all apart of the plan. At some point, we need to trust in Him and let everything else fall away from focus. Let us know in the comments a story of your calling in recent months, we would love to hear them! 

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