Welcome to (One) Another World

I’d like to be part of a world and a workplace filled with helpful, cheerful, and understanding people. These people look out for one another. They give others the benefit of the doubt. They serve others in a way that shows they are generous and caring.


My boss would understand when I make mistakes and would help me get better. They would coach me rather than correct me and when I mess up, they would help me do better next time.


My coworkers work hard at what they do. They go above and beyond to make sure they deliver quality work on time. They respect others, take care of other’s property and they do what’s best for their coworkers, internal customers, and external customers. When a customer or a coworker asks for something unreasonable, they work to understand the request and reach a fair settlement, maybe even one that favors the other party.


These people regularly get 5-star reviews because they’re so easy to deal with. And when they review someone else, it’s always 5 stars. They look for and always find the best in everyone. We don’t see much of them on social media because they’re too busy doing their work and helping others. When they do go on social media, they’re reading up on their friends and looking for ways to help and encourage those friends.

Thoughtful & Caring

They call you or text you when they haven’t heard from you in a while. They’re genuinely interested in and concerned about you and the things important to you. They remember your interests and your history. They like you and they like being around you. When you think of these people, you can’t help but smile. Words like thoughtful and caring jump to mind.


These people never steal but they go out of their way to make sure you have what you need. They don’t mistreat others’ property. In fact, if they break something, they fix it without being asked. They clean up after themselves. They spend time with you when you’re down or when you’re not well.

What Would You Do?

Wouldn’t it be good to live in a world and work at a place like this? What would you do to make that happen? Would you change jobs or even move cities to live in a world like this?

The truth is, we can’t change anyone’s behavior but our own.

Do you see Jesus’ instruction to us in this post? (Matthew 22:39) (Matthew 5:37) If we want a world like this, someone has to go first. Why not the people who follow Jesus?

Take a 2-week trial on the next Marketplace Mission Trip. As Jesus’ followers live more like this, maybe others will do the same.

Image by: Porapk Apichodilok from Pexels

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